1Box Pearl Chrome Nail Powder White Glitter Pink Aurora Pigment

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Updated on June 18,2024

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1 Box Aurora Nail Fairy Powder Pigment Pearl White Rubbing on Nail Art

Chrome Nails Powder

6 Colors Chrome Nail Powder Metallic Mirror Effect Aurora Magic

This glitter nail powder is only 10 micron diameter which is fine and smooth so that the shiny effect is better than ordinary nail powder. Easy to wear&clean: The fine glitter is packed in a transparent Before using holographic glitter nail powder, base coat and top coat are required.

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White Pearl Chrome Nail Powder Mirror Effect Aurora Magic - Temu

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Solar Nail Powder|Enhance your nail art with our Pearl White Chrome Powder, a versatile nail glitter that offers a sparkling, holographic finish with

1 Box Pearl White Chrome Powder Nail Glitter Mirror Rubbing on Nails Mermaid Aurora Fine Pigment Polish Dust with Brush JIE01

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White Pearl Chrome Nail Powder Mirror Effect Aurora Magic - Temu

White Chrome Nail Powder, 1Box Pearl Chrome Powder

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White Chrome Aurora Pigment Pearl Nail Powder Nail Art Shiny Magic